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Transitional and legacy energy infrastructure development is complex.

DeepTechSolutions is your fully integrated, end-to-end partner to prepare you for fast implementation.

  • Trusted, long-term relationships with key decision-makers
  • Proven record of sustainable international projects
  • Engineering expertise
  • Established partnerships with industry-leading resources necessary for success

Our Areas of Expertise

Energy System Transformation​

Trading And Procurement

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Modernization of Legacy Infrastructure

Finding ways to modernize existing infrastructure is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of managing the world’s ongoing energy transition

By deploying state-of-the-art technologies, DeepTechSolutions is able to help limit the environmental impact of existing oil and gas assets.

1. We provide industrial services, supplies and logistics solutions to the oil & gas industry to reduce the environmental footprint of existing assets

2.We have extensive experience and a network of clients worldwide

3. Throughour past projects, we have developed an established and trusted network of multinational companies able to cover all aspects of energy projects from financing to engineering and construction

Proven Success

We have a proven track record in structuring energy infrastructure projects and managing engineering and construction work.

  • Refineries
  • Gas to Liquid Facilities
  • Urea and Ammonia Plants
  • Subsea Pipe Landing Facilities
  • Liquid Hydrogen Facilities

Transition To Renewable Technology

We support next generation technologies for energy production, storage, green fuel, management of energy infrastructures, and  hybrid solutions based on a combination of mainstream technologies.

Accelerating the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is crucial to reducing the long-term impact of climate change. The technologies necessary to achieve this, such as solar, wind, hydro and tidal power, biomass, geothermal, green hydrogen and synthetic fuels already exist – mainstream technologies.

However, their widespread adoption is often slowed due to economic and political factors, and most importantly, issues concerning deployment and integration of these technologies with existing infrastructures.

Our Global Approach

Eastern Europe

Existing pipeline of solar and wind projects at advanced stages of development

Middle East

Direct access to infrastructure owners, local development companies, and financial institutions in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other Gulf countries


Based on financial models and development infrastructure built for European projects, with support from the Gulf, we aim to develop a pipeline of energy transition projects in the whole world focusing on developing countries

Mainstream Technologies

For Energy Transition


As a primary raw material in combination with renewable energy sources and water


Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, tidal power, biomass, synthetic fuel

Battery Energy Storage

In combination with renewables to increase energy capacity and provide baseload power generation

Carbon Reduction

CO2 capture, sequestration and utilization

Next-Generation Technologies

For Energy Transition

Kinetic Storage

Baseload power generated by renewable sources and stored by utilizing Earth’s gravity

Hydrogen Storage & e-Fuel

Synthetic fuel produced and stored using generation of hydrogen from water

Sustainable Data Storage & IT

Shift from rack-based systems to energy efficient all-in-one modules powered by green electricity

Decentralized AI-Driven Power Grids

AI and data-driven management of power production and consumption from a combination of green sources

Commodity Buyers and Sellers

Our experience enables us to personally match fuel and commodity buyers with sellers (producers).

Making deals in the energy sector is hard, time consuming, and requires extensive and trustworthy connections.

Leveraging our personal network to develop solid connections between buyers and sellers is a unique advantage of DeepTechSolutions. 

Our partners are equipped to make agreements with us, providing a safe and transparent framework for transactions.

Jet Fuel & Gasoline


Other commodities

*more information provided on request

Industrial Services and Supplies

The market of industrial services and supplies is dominated by large corporations and multinational companies.

Industrial companies in developing countries are looking for ways to reduce costs and replace existing providers with customized solutions at competitive prices.

DeepTechSolutions provides a remedy by leveraging our location in Switzerland, connecting our network of clients in developing countries and manufacturers in China.

1. With over 30 years in oil & gas field services, we have extensive experience in operations and supplies. This provides a large network of clients worldwide, with focus on developing countries

2. We have relationships with reliable and tested Chinese manufacturers that are looking to access the global market. This allows us to provide high quality products with a significant price reduction to small and large clients in developing countries


We currently have demand and supply for the following products and associated equipment:

  • Solids Control, Separation and Dewatering
  • Decanter Centrifuges
  • Control Panels
  • Pumps
  • Filter Press, Belt Press and Screw Press
  • Pipes
  • Oilfield Machinery
  • Biodegradable Flocculant
  • And much more


Profound expertise and global networks

  • Development of transition energy projects in Eastern Europe and Worldwide
  • Sellers network for commodity trading
  • Network of clients and manufacturers for industrial services and supplies
  • Management of the Swiss structure, legal, regulatory and financial operations
  • Investor relationships
  • Development of conventional and new energy transition technology
  • Organizational strategy formulation and implementation
  • Relationships management with partners and stakeholders
  • Buyers’ network for commodity trading deals
  • Emerging technology and marketing communication development
  • Financial management, banking, and tax advice
  • Anti-money laundering compliance
  • International business developer in the energy sector with focus on Western Balkans and extensive knowledge of EU and international energy legislation, market research and analysis
  • Development and management of relations with partner companies, stakeholders, subcontractors
  • Technical evaluation, development, engineering, and management of solar and wind infrastructures including financial modeling, procurement and logistics
  • Management of engineering teams, subcontractors and supply chain

Partner Companies

Operations, legal, financial and business development support

Financial Management


International Development Company




Solar PV Contractor


Research and Development


Next-Generation Geothermal Technology

Multinational EPC contractor
Multinational Manufacturer
Industrial equipment Manufacturer
Hydrogen Projects Developer
European Energy Trader
Multinational Service Provider
International Law Firm
Investment Bank
Investment Firm and Fundraiser

9 Infrastructure Projects in Energy Transition

Urea and Ammonia Plant Water Take for Plant Cooling Systems (Offshore and Onshore)
2012 - 2014 | South America

Buoy Mooring System and Polyethylene Subsea Pipe Landing Operations (Offshore)
2012 - 2014 | North America

Buoy Mooring System and Subsea Pipe Landing Operations Engineering Project and Planning (Offshore)
2012 - 2014 | North America

Development and Planning of National Strategy for Refinery and Crude Upgrader Renovation Project
2016 - 2018 | South America

Development of Gas to Liquid Facility in Tennessee
2020 - 2022 | North America

Pecos Refinery
2019 - 2022 | North America

IMTT St. Rose Refinery
2019 - 2020 | North America

Porto Romano Refinery
2020 - 2021 | Europe

Wind and Solar Parks
2020 - present | Europe

West Texas Blue Fuels Horizon Blue Hydrogen Plant
2020 - present | North America

1. Project Identification

Evaluation of potential project opportunities across multiple geographies based on predefined set of criteria

2. Technical Analysis

Determination of most appropriate technological solutions to be deployed

3. Economic Feasibility

In-depth assessment of economic viability of project incl. budgeting, LCOE projections, ROI calculations and asset valuation using multiple methodologies

4. Financing

Wide network of partners and understanding allows us to determine most appropriate form of financing projects. (e.g.: PPP, infrastructure funds, green bond issuance etc.)

5. Project Structuring

In cooperation with local partners, DTS can manage projects from initial assessment to ready-to-build

Industrial Partners

Due to confidentiality we do not publish names of our industrial partners. Please contact us for more details.

Partner for the development of legacy infrastructure (oil & gas)

Since 2020

Partner for hydrogen related projects, carbon capture and clean fuels

Since 2019

Drilling partner and ally

Since 2020

Partner for renewable energy technology, engineering, and project financing

Since 2020

Ally for energy transition projects prospection, investment and operation

Since 2019